My research is on easily creating a highly immersive virtual environment, mainly through projection-based VR systems. I've designed, constructed & operated multiple VR environments, and actively researching how to enhance immersive experiences.

I currently work for the AlloSphere Research Group.


  • 2021: Ph.D. in Media, Arts & Technology, University of California, Santa Barbara

  • 2016: M.S. in Media, Arts & Technology, University of California, Santa Barbara

  • 2008: B.S. in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Cornell University

Work experience

  • 2021~: Postdoctoral Scholar, AlloSphere Research Group, UCSB

  • 2013~2021: Grad Student Researcher, AlloSphere Research Group, UCSB

  • 2008: Intern, Cellular Server Division, SK Telecom

  • 2005: Intern, Wireless Division, Samsung Research Institute


Artworks / Exhibitions

  • Myrioi
    ACM SIGGRAPH 2020, Virtual Conference

  • Etherial
    - ISEA 2019, Gwangju, Korea

Workshops / Residencies

  • Resilients (Linz, Austria, 2013)
    - Workshop on setting up small scale DIY remote sensing network

  • Ars Bioartica (Helsinki, Finland, 2012)
    Workshop on remote sensing network system for regional environment

  • SiNuNi (Kilpisjarvi, Finland, 2012)
    - Residency on setting up SiNuNi network in the Arctic

Awards / Fellowships

  • Robert W. Deutsch Foundation Fellow (2015-2017)

  • Summer ELI Undergraduate Research Award (Cornell, 2006)

  • Korean Government Scholarship for Science/Engineering (2004-2008)